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Workshops are half-day events, where you can come as part of a group and play with your horses together under the helpful eyes of our Parelli professional Marie-Claire de Selliers. “Short and sweet” is the motto!

Workshops are only for the participants of our Courses and Private Lessons

During a course or in a private lesson you will learn lots of techniques, strategies, games and exercises to build up a language with your horse. Sometimes when you get home, you might find yourself coming up against new difficulties or no longer being sure how to be clear and precise in what you're asking. Coming to a workshop with your horse gives you the opportunity to ask any question that comes up after the last course, demonstrate any problems you might have and get the help you need to keep progressing.

After a group briefing, you play with or ride your horse. Marie-Claire will be able to correct any mistakes, suggest solutions adapted to your horse's personality and progress, as well as your own, and guide you towards new skills. Since safety is one of our priorities at all times, Marie-Claire will also check that respect is always the basis of your relationship and will help you reaffirm your leadership if necessary. The goal is that you will go home with new confidence, motivation and new ideas to keep you moving forward until you come back either for the next course, private lesson or workshop!

When can you join the next Workshop?

Workshops are usually held once a month on Sunday mornings from 9.30 to 12.30. Please check out our Event Calendar. It's always possible to organise a workshop on another day, however. Don't hesitate to write us an e-mail.