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Working Student Price List


Boot Camp / Trial Period

The 10-day trial period / boot camp costs 280 Euros

FFE Licence

Every working student has to have a Fédération Française d'Equitation licence (FFE). The subscription fee for the FFE licence costs 38 Euros (it includes a liability insurance).

Short Term Working Students

If you intend to stay less than six months at Haras Naturel du Plessis, you will be a short term working student. The costs are:

  • for the minimum stay of 4 weeks: 200 Euros per week
  • for a stay up to 8 weeks: 150 Euros per week
  • for a stay up to 16 weeks: 100 Euros per week
  • for a stay longer than 16 weeks: 250 Euros per month

Long Term Working Students

If you are accepted for the 6-month working student program, accomodation and food for you and your horse as well as the horsemanship lessons are sponsored. Additional costs like for supplements, vet cost. worm paste, hoof care etc. need to be paid by yourself. 

Please notice!

If you sign in as long term working student but later you decide (or circumstances cause you) to leave earlier you are automaticly a short term working student and we will ask you to pay for your stay according the short term working student price list.

Second Horse

If you intend to bring a second horse (only possible from May to November) you have to pay 100 Euros per month for accomodation.