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What should I bring?


For the Student House

  • Sets of bedsheets and a duvet- a pillow is provided, but if you want your own pillow, you are welcome to bring it
  • Towels
  • Two pairs of indoor slippers - one pair for the student house and one pair for the house, where we have breakfast and lunch together
  • A yoga mat - for our daily workout in the morning
  • Personal toiletries
  • Laptop - to stay in touch with the outside world
  • Cookbook - everybody is responsible for lunch, it's not about bringing fancy menus to the table, but about preparing good home cooking
  • A notebook or diary and plenty of pens - very important to keep a record of what you have learned, you may want a pocket size one as well for taking notes in classes with your horses and also during work

For Work and Outside

  • Bike - it's an advantage to have a bike here, the estate is very big and walking is less time efficient
  • Rain Gear - rubber boots, hat, raincoat and rain trousers are essential even in summer: if it rains, then it is like monsoon
  • Sun Protection - there is almost no pollution here and the sun can be intense
  • Clothes according to the season - make sure you have layers
  • Headlight - and batteries, you need two free hands in the dark sometimes
  • Working Gloves - especially for spring and summer, we recommend strong leather gloves for weed picking (strong enough to resist thorns and thistles) and for the daily work simple soft working gloves are good enough for the daily work
  • Riding clothes - whatever you usually ride in
  • Suitable Footwear for Riding - shoes with flat soles and a heel for safety first!
  • Riding helmet - essential for your safety while riding!


For your Horse

In General

  • Horse passport - and vaccination record
  • Grooming tools - including a first-aid kit and fly spray
  • Waterproof rug, cooler, fly mask- if needed
  • Hoof care tools - if you want to take care of your horse's hooves you will need hoof knives, a rasp and an apron would be good too
  • Hoof boots - if your horse needs hoof protection
  • Supplements - if your horse has special nutritional needs

Parelli Equipment

  • Horseman's Halter, 12-foot and 22-foot Line
  • 45-foot Line
  • Two Carrot Sticks including 6- foot Savvy String
  • Natural Hackamore
  • Saddle, saddle pad and shims
  • Bridle, Snaffle or Cradle
  • Bareback Pad (optional)

Download your "What to bring" check list:

Download your check list for the Boot Camp here

Download your check list for Working Students here