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The Work


Although the daily routine varies according to the work that needs to be done, certain things always remain the same:

  • Feeding the horses in the morning
  • removing the horse manure (we call it kacka force)
  • keeping the whole place tidy and clean
  • weed picking 
  • cooking for all students at lunch time
  • evening chores

Apart from these, the only constant thing is change so be prepared to be flexible!

Here an example of our daily schedule:

07:00 - breakfast and team meeting for work organisation
07:30 - although working time starts at 7:00 AM, now you really start to work!
11:30 - depending on the size of the group, one or two working students are preparing a delicious lunch for the team
12:30 - lunch time
13:00 - cleaning up the kitchen and the living room
13:30 - having a tea or a coffee together and discussing the afternoon plans
15:00 - horse time
18:00 - evening chores


To get an impression, click through the little "work pictures" album!