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FAQ for our Working Student Program

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Not necessarily, but it would be GREAT if you did or if you learned it during your stay. A good understanding of English is a must as we have many different nationalities here.

Yes, that would be great. Working students from whole Europe, sometimes even from South Africa and the USA are studying Parelli Horsemanship at Haras Naturel du Plessis. English is our common language.

No problem, as long as you know how to cook! It could be that some specific products from your home country (like gluten-free products) are not as easily available here. Bring what you need from home to be sure you have a stock!

Yes. Although all the ordinary costs during your stay at Haras Naturel du Plessis will be covered, you will still have to pay for your own health insurance, any vet costs and hoof care for your horse, your own pocket money and an additional 38 Euros subscription fee for the licence of the Fédération Française d'Equitation (FFE), which will cover your liability in case of horse-related accident.

The following information can vary depending on the season or circumstances!

On arrival day we show you the place, introduce you to our habits and rules and have dinner together (that's why we ask you to arrive not later than 6 PM). After dinner, we have an ice-breaker session. The general schedule is like this:

07:00 - breakfast and team meeting for work organisation
07:30 - although working time starts at 7:00 AM the now you really start! Check out The Work
11:30 - depending on the size of the group, one or two will prepare a delicious lunch for the team
12:30 - lunchtime
13:00 - cleaning up the kitchen and the living room, grabbing a cup of coffee or tea
14:00 - special tasks
15:00 - fetching horses
15:30 - online or riding lesson
18:00 - evening chores

At the first day and the last day you will perform a little audition and get filmed. This is to gain awareness of your starting point and see the progress you have made.

First you have to attend the 10-day trial/boot camp. If you are accepted as a long term working student we will talk about when you can start. If there is a place free, you could start immediatly, or we will fix a date in the future.

Yes they can come and visit you, when our schedule and circumstances allow it. Parents need to stay at a bed and breakfast in the village or in the area. Friends can stay at the Haras for a bed and breakfast price of 25 Euro per person per night. Lunch and Dinner are not provided. You need to know that non-horse friends mostly get easily bored here because everything is about Parelli and horses all day long. Horse people usually like it here a lot. Often they get involved and help and then they are also welcome to share lunch with us.

Yes, when your parents /friends are bringing you or picking you up, they can stay overnight. Price for bed and breakfast is 25 Euro per person.

Only working students who make a 6 month commitment don't have to pay. If you leave earlier, your status would be Short Term Working Student and you will have to pay for your stay according to our price list.

We can't provide Levels auditions at the ranch; however, we can help you to make an audition video, which you can send to Parelli for an official assessment.

Horse related Questions

No, sorry, you need to bring your own horse. Why? Several reasons: you will have a different relationship with your own horse and we don't have the possibility to offer lease horses at the moment.

Usually yes, but only between May and November. Before and after, it is the rainy season here and it can become very muddy so dry space for the horses is limited. Please contact us and we decide according to our circumstances. Accomdating the second horse will cost 100 Euros per month and you will also need to pay all extra food supplements.

Your horse will live in a herd with other working students' horses. We will make sure that your horse will be in a herd according to his or her dietary needs. Easy keeper horses get limited access to pasture and limited access to hay. If you have a hard keeper horse like a Thoroughbred or a Warmblood your horse will have unlimited hay and access to pasture depending on the season.

No, because we want to minimize the risk of injuries. We can help you to take the shoes off and we can help your horse to manage the transition to barefoot. For the transition, you might need to buy hoof boots as a temporary hoof protection.

Yes, it is! You are responsible for learning the theory. We recommend that you buy and study "Pete Ramey's 10 DVD set "Under the Horse". When you have a basic understanding of the anatomy and how the hoof functions, we will guide you through the practicalities. You need to have your own hoof knives, a proper rasp and gloves. We highly recommend an apron!

Your horse has to have up-to-date vaccinations for Tetanus, Influence and Rhino pneumonitis. It's for the safety of our horses as well as your own. Horses come onto the estate from many countries and there is a risk of infection if your horse has no protection.