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The Application Process

Long Term Working Students

To qualify for the six month working student program you will be asked to attend a 10-day trial period (boot camp) at the Haras. This way we get to know each other and you get to see the place and how it's going to be when you are here.

To enter the 10 day trial period / boot camp you need to:

  • check out if you meet the Requirements
  • download, fill in and send back the Working Student Application Form
  • have the confirmation and the date for a 10 day boot camp/ 10 day trial period
  • pay the subscription fee of 280 Euros plus 38 Euros for the French FFE license

During the 10-day trial period you will be put to work and get to do most of the things that you will be doing during your six month stay. You will receive daily horsemanship lessons either with your own horse or with one of the ranch horses.
At the end of these 10 days we will discuss whether to accept or decline your application. You will be given a mark and feedback sheet, which will serve as a starting point for the development process of your six month course. This isn't a judgment but rather a measuring tool of where you are at for the start of your journey: where your talents and skills lie and where you have room and needs for progress.

Short Term Working Students

If you intend to stay less than six month at Haras Naturel du Plessis your status would be a short term working student. Short term working students do not have to pass a boot camp but they have to pay for their stay. Please check out our Working Student Price List.

To become a Short Term Working Student you need to:

  • make sure you meet the requirements
  • download, fill in and send back the Working Student Application Form
  • have the confirmation that you will be accepted and for the time frame of your stay
  • pay the fee for your time of stay plus 38 Euro for the French FFE license (including liability insurance)


Download the paper work

Working Students Application Form

please fill it in on your computer and send it back via e-mail