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Private Lessons


Do you learn best when you have the undivided attention of an instructor? Do you want to progress with your horsemanship right now and you can't wait for the next Clinic or Workshop? Do you have a specific or extreme challenge you would like to work on? Do you prefer more regular input in smaller doses? Private lessons seem to be perfect for you!

Two of the possible private lesson scenarios:

  1. You come on a regular schedule for a private lesson. At the beginning of the lesson, you show what you have practised at home with your horse and together with your instructor, you evaluate what works fine and what needs to be better. First, you fix these issues, then depending on the progress, your instructor will guide you through the next step in the program. At the end of your lesson, you will get some new homework that you can practice until the next time.
  2. Your horse has been in training with Horse Development Specialist Gabi Neurohr. You will agree on how to proceed: either you come frequently to watch the training and for private lessons,  or at the end of the training period you take some private lessons so that Gabi can explain and teach you what your horse has learned. 

Please note: We currently don't have horses for lessons available.

The advantages of private lessons:

  • All the attention is on you and your horses' needs
  • There are no disturbances or interruptions
  • You determine the learning pace
  • If you come regularly you will progress quickly
  • You will benefit from frequent homework and inspiration

A Private Lesson generally lasts an hour but you can also arrange two-hour sessions. One very popular variation is to have one lesson just before lunch, then after eating together, you can “digest” your first lesson before a nice little rest and a coffee followed by another private lesson.

Just in case: Accommodation for you and your horse

If you would like to stay overnight to have another private lesson next morning you can either stay in our B&B or choose one of the B&B's in or around Nouans les Fontaines. For your horse, we have either a box or in the dry season a nice paddock which is part forest, part field.

When can you come for your private lesson?

Private Lessons can be booked the whole year around. Please write us an e-mail with your preferred time. We will accommodate your wish if our agenda permits it or look for alternatives with you.