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Frequently Asked Questions for our People Training Program

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We strongly recommend that you bring your own horse. But if this is not possible at all, we have a limited number of very well educated equine teachers which we give as lease horses for special occasions.

Horsemanship is all about your relationship with your horse. Every horse is different, so only if you bring your own horse you will be able to learn the correct techniques and strategies that fit him of her. Also, as our horses already know everything, you will only learn how to ask for things and not how to teach a horse - which is very different.

Sorry, we can't transport your horse. We do have a transporter, but we don’t have a professional transportation license, so we are only allowed to transport our own horses. Check out these addresses for possible transport:

  • GaloPro

Yes, we always have a limited stock of original Parelli equipment. We have  halters, leadropes, 7m ropes, Carrot Sticks and strings, Hackamore's and Finesse Reins.

We are not prepared to serve dinner. Therefore we need to ask you to have dinner in one of the restaurants in the surrounding villages. Here are some inspirations:

  • Pizzeria in Nouans les Fontaines
  • La Foulquetiere in Faverolle
  • Cafe de la Ville in Montresor
  • L’Auberge de la Tour in Chatillon sur Indre
  • Le Crepiot in St. Aignan
  • Several restaurants in Loches

Courses start generally at 9:30 am, if you bring your horse, please arrive latest at 9 am to have time to settle your horse. If you come from far and have several hours of travel, you can arrive the evening before, but not after 6 pm.

During a course your horse will live in a 3.5m x 3.5m box or in one of our guest paddocks (depending on availability and the season.)

Yes, if your horse only stays for a few days and he is used to a special kind of food, please bring it with you so his digestive tract doesn’t get disturbed. We offer good quality hay. For horses who stay for more than 1 week we can work out an adapted feeding plan together with you according to what your horse needs during his stay. Please let us know prior to your horses stay about your horses feeding habits.

Yes, we are organizing the exams on request.

Yes, we can.

Many horse lovers also have dogs, but to keep the peace and tranquility of the place we can not accept dogs on the premises.

Clinics usually end around 5:30 pm

Yes, depending on the number of participants because, we have only a limited number of rooms available.

As Marie Claire is very busy teaching at Haras Naturel du Plessis and in Belgium, she hardly has time to travel for courses.