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Are you aiming for a deep and mutually satisfying relationship with your horse? Whether you are a beginner or you want to enter a new level in the Parelli program, our Parelli Natural Horsemanship courses are the ideal way to learn a new set of skills, techniques, strategies, games and exercises to build up communication and strengthen the relationship with your horse.

Currently, we are only offering courses to self-organized groups of 4-6 people who can come with their own horses. Courses are only available here at Haras Naturel du Plessis.

A course lasts for two days of intense learning through theory, simulations and practical sessions.

In the theory lesson, you will learn about the Parelli philosophy, horse behaviour, horse personalities and the appropriate training strategies for different personalities.

In the simulations, you will practice the new techniques with the other clinic participants first. The advantage is that they can give you clear feedback about what are you doing or not doing and how they feel about your energy and intention. In the simulations, you can make mistakes without annoying your horse or teaching him something wrong. Simulations are also a great opportunity to feel, act and play like a horse.

Finally the practical session: Now it is time to practice the new techniques and strategies together with your horse.

Groups are limited to a maximum of 6 students, so Parelli instructor Marie-Claire de Selliers' attention and full support are guaranteed.

Our Course Offers:

Your course will be tailor made to you and your group of people, for example:

  • Discover Parelli Natural Horsemanship
  • Groundwork
  • Parelli Freestyle Riding
  • Liberty beginning
  • Trail riding with Safety
  • Playing with Natural Obstacles on our Playground 

Accommodation for you and your horse

During your Clinic, you can stay in our B&B or choose one of the B&B's in or around Nouans les Fontaines. Your horse can either stay in one of our boxes or in the dry season we can propose a paddock which is part forest, part field.


Breakfast (for participants who stay at our B&B) and lunch are provided. For dinner, you'll find a pizzeria in the village 4 km away and many nice restaurants less than 25 km away.

When is the next Course?

Please check out our Event Calendar to find the next scheduled courses. If there is nothing scheduled or you can't make these dates, please email us at and we will invite you for the next course. We can also  organize a course on your chosen topic for you and your horsemanship friends at our place.