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Young Horse Boarding


Whether for a foal, a yearling or a youngster, living in a herd is essential for the healthy social and physical development of your horse!

Horses are herd animals!

Horses want and need to make friends with other horses. They like to play, they have to test their limits and they need to learn the rules of behaviour. They need to experience the education provided by other horses, so they can learn to follow leadership and also learn the consequences of not following. Horses need to live in a herd to learn horse language and develop their social skills. A horse who can't test their limits with peers will test on their owner even more.

Horses are steppe animals!

When they play and run around with their buddies they strengthen their bones, muscles and tendons. Being exposed to wind, heat and cold, rain and sun strengthens their immune systems.

Haras Naturel du Plessis meets your young horse's needs

Haras Naturel du Plessis is a unique facility, managed by professionals in a very special way, which is ideal for young horses. We have a herd of horses of mixed age and gender. They live in a Paddock Paradise with up to 1.6km of corridors. It includes a large shelter, areas where they can socialise, a forest and places to roll.  They always have access to water and roughage, depending on the season they also have access to grass.
The basic offer for every boarded young horse includes the patient and careful teaching of haltering, handling and leading, yielding to pressure, giving hooves and accepting worming paste. 
The way we handle the horses builds trust and respect in them and is done with individual care.

The following packages can be added: 

  • Education Package 2
    Basic ground skills (Seven Games), tying, showering, vet prep, trailer loading
  • Education Package 3
    Pre-saddle training, discovering the world - the forest, cars, obstacles
  • Education Package 4
    Colt Starting

When can I bring my young horse?

If you would like your young horse to grow up at Haras Naturel du Plessis, please use our Horse Education Contact Form and we can arrange a date for you to come for a visit.


We take care of your young horse from weaning until he is old enough to be started.