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Training Horses


A good and solid foundation is worth gold for a horse! With a good and solid foundation it will be a lot easier for your horse to learn more specialized things like dressage, jumping, eventing, or western riding sports. 

We can offer you the following options:

1. Foundation Training

Starting a young horse takes about 15-20 rides, adding a solid foundation takes about another 50 rides - he will learn to pick up leads, be soft and listen to the legs, go safely on trail rides in a group and alone, jump small obstacles with fun and confidence, cross water, wear the bridle and also learn how to move in a healthy way!
The Foundation Training can be booked in blocks, minimum time is three weeks!

2.Topic specific TrainingEndurance Training

for example:

  • Teaching your horse to be a safe trail ride horse
  • Teaching your horse lateral moves in hand
  • Teaching your horse to be ridden with the bridle and contact and move with healthy biomechanics
  • Teaching your horse lateral moves while riding

3. Re-education

For race horses off the track - to reduce impulsive behaviour and help your ex-racer become a nice leisure partner.

4. Preparation for Endurance Sport

Conditioning, preparing and showing your young Endurance horse (Valorisation Endurance)

5. Advancing your horse in the Parelli Levels Program

In case you are stuck, hit the same problem over and over again or you just simply lack time but wish that your horse could get what he needs.

About all our horse training

Gabi will ask you very precisely about your goals and wishes for your horse, to make sure the outcome is what you expect it to be. 
What we do not offer is: training your horse for specialized sport like dressage, jumping or reining. We lay the foundation, so your horse is well prepared to enter into specialized training. Our goal is to create brave, smart, connected and athletic horses ready to please their owner - no matter if it is as a leisure partner or for sports.

When can you bring your horse for Training?

Please use our Horse Education Contact Form to get in touch with us and we will arrange a date together.