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Colt Starting


One of the most important times in the life of a young horse is the moment when he learns to carry a human on his back. We want this to be a good experience, because it will colour his perception of the rider for his entire life.

It is very important to Gabi that every horse is allowed to have his own character and is also allowed to express himself. She adapts her training in accordance with this principle. This means your horse sets the timeline and the order of the tasks, which ensures the preservation of your horse's goodwill and curiosity, helps him become both more self-confident and more confident about being able to do what we ask of him, and of course makes him respectful.

Gabi will introduce everything in as many small steps as necessary. One example: before putting the saddle on the horse Gabi first uses the bareback pad to teach him to accept the cinch. Consequently, it's very rare for a horse to feel the need to buck because of the saddle or the rider. Small steps, easy to understand, but very progressive and in the learning rhythm of your horse.

Everything is prepared on the ground, to make sure the horse has a profound understanding of pressure and release. When Gabi finally mounts, it is very easy for the horse to understand what she wants and consequently the progress is fast.

Gabis's Five Step Program to Start your Colt:

  1. Establish trust and communication on the ground  
  2. Accept the cinch and the saddle
  3. Accept the rider at walk and trot
  4. Accept the rider as a leader
  5. Trail rides, obstacles and canter

With Gabi your horse will learn these skills through play. Enabling trust, confidence and respect to grow in your horse while preserving his curiosity and dignity is very important to her.


When can you bring your horse for Colt Starting?

Please use our Horse Education Contact Form to get in touch with us and we will arrange a date together.