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Agriculture Exploitation


The property of le Plesssis currently covers 321ha, 158ha 57a of which are agricultural land according to European agricultural policy.


The grazing surface ahs increased by about 4 ha per year since 2003, reaching a total of 31ha in 2007. These fields are located around the castle and stables, and are divided in winter grazing and summer grazing fields. Hay in made on the latter in spring.


On the cultivated fields making up around 2/3 of the agricultural surface, traditional crops of the area are grown: wheat, barley and oat as well as raps. Some fields are already converted to producing organic oats and barley for the horses, and we are currently making attempts to grow alfalfa.

Fields laying fallow

The fields that are close to the forest or surrounded by forest are set aside and not used for agricultural purposes, as their proximity with the territories of wildlife would expose them to too much damage.


As far as smaller animals are concerned, we find hares, partridges ducks and various water birds, including black cormorants
As far as larger game is concerned we observe the presence of deer, wild boars and roe. Every now and then you can see a badger. These animals are hunted in proportions that are way below the average of the region, and the way they are hunted is by careful approach or by hide, never by beat.
We are attempting to settle deer that are currently passing through between the forest of Brouard and the other part of the forest of La Tonne