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The Horsenalities™

Being able to know exactly what your horse is up to, knowing how he thinks, what motivates him and what triggers unwanted behaviour – thats what we all aspire to know. Where Pat Parelli is excellent at adapting to each horse intuitively it is a bit more difficult for us “normal” people. The Horsenality™ concept will help you just there. It is a System that will help you to identify your horse's basic personality type – and then be able to get best results possible through adapted training strategies.


Parelli defines four Horsenalities™, click the Plus icon to dicover them!


This is a playful, exuberant, and charismatic horse. He is full of energy and wants to do stuff – good and bad, it just has to be fun to him. He will learn very fast if you manage to give him lots of variety and new stuff to do, but if he starts to get annoyed and bored, he can become disrespectful and go all the way to dangerously aggressive.

He has a lot of confidence in himself and therefore is not looking for a leader – he doesn’t need humans to feel safe – he uses them for his entertainment. He is brave and extremely curious, taking everything in the mouth and exploring everything inside out.
This is a great horse if you love to do fast and fun riding, jumping, eventing, endurance, anything where he can use his energy and play drive in a constructive way. If he doesn’t get enough play and exercise, he can be very annoying!


This horse runs before it thinks, has a hard time standing still and spooks a lot. People usually call him crazy and put a bigger bit in his mouth or try to control him with some kind of extra pair of reins – these trigger his strong claustrophobic fear and can make him rear and flip over in panic. 

This horse has very little confidence in himself and his environment. He is looking for a leader that can give him the feeling of safety. By using a lot of consistency, approach and retreat and by being very friendly but firm, he will be able to relax and concentrate.

Once you gained this horse's trust and got him calm he will be a sensitive and willing partner for just anything you ask him to do. He will love to play online and finesse, and most of them make great endurance horses.


This horse thinks before he moves and that’s why people mistake him as lazy, stubborn and sometimes even stupid. He usually outsmarts people by simply waiting until they give up or get off – some also have the savvy to get the rider off their backs themselves. The harder we work to get him move, the harder he will try to do nothing!

He has a lot of confidence in himself and doesn’t look for a leader or some fun activities. All he wants is eat and sleep and not waste his energy. We have to play smart with this horse, get his brain with interesting mind games and giving him incentives like treats, scratches or a rest at the right moment. Get this horse to be mentally engaged, taking responsibilities by giving him a job to do and he will show you how clever he is!

Once motivated, this horse is a very reliable, fun and clever partner. Freestyle will be his favourite savvy and he loves trail rides.


This horse is very shy, tense and timid. It’s response to stress, too much pressure and fear is to retreat into himself and not move any more. This makes people think he is lazy, resulting in applying more pressure to get him do what they want – and suddenly the horse explodes. A lot of these horses have a reputation for being unpredictable and dangerous.

He has very little confidence in himself and humans and generally needs a lot of convincing that he can trust people. Once we gain this trust by being patient, caring and quiet with him, he will do just anything for us. He needs a lot of repetition, small steps to learn and progress and we have to make his trust and confidence the highest priority.

Once this horse trusts you, he will be a very bonding, loving and obedient partner. He will probably not be courageous enough for jumping big cross country fences, but he will love dressage, online, kids and trail rides.


 Download a Horsenality™ chart and figure out your horse's Horsenality™!


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