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Gabi Neurohr

Horse Development Specialist


Gabi Neurohr is Horse Development Specialist and responsible for all horse training at Haras Naturel du Plessis, especially colt starting. She finished a 4 year study in 2006 about Horse keeping, breeding and starting back home in Austria. After that she stayed 6 months as a working student with Berni Zambail, 5* Parelli Master Horse Development Specialist. Since 2009 she is working together with Marie Claire at le Plessis, starting young horses and developing them into great partners for their owners.

Gabi is very dedicated to continue learning more about horses and improving her skills and general understanding about everything that involves horses. She returns to Berni Zambail each year to learn from him and also starts horses together with him. Realizing how closely connected all aspects of horse care are she specialized in Natural Hoof care and Equine Nutrition, as well as all aspects of Natural Horse Boarding and questions about Biomechanics of the Horse and Saddle Fit. She will also give advice and help in these areas of expertise.

Gabi is very experienced with all kinds and characters of horses. One of her biggest strengths is to adapt to each horse, change the training approach as necessary and always keep the big picture in mind. She has a great passion and love for every single horse she meets and does her best to involve the owner as much as possible to create a successful partnership.

Gabi's mentors and sources of inspiration over the last years have been:

  • Berni Zambail 5* Parelli Master Horse Development Specialist
  • Christiane Schwahlen – Horsemanship and Dressage
  • Florien de Graaf – Instructor of Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup
  • Karen Rohlf – Dressage Naturally
  • Marie Claire de Selliers for giving me every opportunity to learn more and gain more experience
  • Pete Ramey – Natural hoof care
  • Dr. Eleanor Kellon and her fantastic online courses about Equine Nutrition
  • Pat and Linda Parelli


  • 2005 Trainer license Voltige 1. Grade
  • 2006: (Pferdewirtschafts Facharbeiter Schwerpunkt Zucht und Haltung– profession Diplome for Breeding, Horse keeping and Service)
  • 2010 Diploma for Phytotherapie for Veterinarian use
  • 2010 Savoir éthologique 5 et Niveau 3 Parelli
  • 2012 Level 4 Parelli Online et Freestyle
  • 2015 Galop 7
  • 2016 Trainer C: German Riding Instructor Certificate - first level


Gabi's Horses

Gabi’s personal passions are Shagya Arabian horses. Actually her whole professional career started off and got directed towards the Horsemanship philosophy when she bought Mazirah as a 3 year old, talented but very green Shagya mare. She was way too sensitive, intelligent and smart and that’s what brought Gabi on the path to Parelli Natural Horsemanship and to seriously question everything she ever learnt about horses. Later on, Mazirah had a foal, Mayana, who is now Gabi’s super horse. Playful, exuberant, athletic, full of life and joy she brings a smile to everybody’s face.


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