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22-23 April 2017 - Bitless Riding Module 2 - Impulsion and Direction

Progress together with your horse towards more Harmony. This Module is all about teaching your horse to be in synch with your body and energy. You will learn different games and strategies to improve your horses Impulsion and get easier direction. We will also cover how to deal with hot or lazy horses, get more relaxation or motivation. This will lead you to a whole new level of Harmony with your horse.


This course will cover some theory about:

  • Psychology about extroverted and introverted horses
  • Controlling your horse's emotions
  • Becoming aware of our energy
  • Power of Patterns

The practical part will cover:

  • Refining shoulder and hindquarter control and backing up
  • Resolving brace and tension
  • Creating relaxation, motivation and good impulsion
  • Follow the focus – improve direction


You have either already attended Module 1 or you already have some experience with bitless riding or Natural Horsemanship.


Gabi Neurohr
Young Horse Specialist, Savoir 5, Niveau 4 Parelli Freestyle and Online, International Riding Teacher Certification « Trainer C »


Haras Naturel du Plessis
37460 Nouans les Fontaines
Tel: 0247927327


French, English


Saddle + Pad, bitless bridle of choice, Horsemanship halter and lead rope, Stick (if you don’t have Horsemanship Equipment yet, you can borrow it or purchase it in our tack shop)

Time table

Arrival Saturday:  before 9:15
Start Saturday:   9:30
End Saturday:  17:00
Start Sunday:   9:00
End Sunday:   16:30

Accommodation for you and your horse

During your Course you can stay in our B&B or choose one of the B&B's in or around Nouans les Fontaines. Your horse can either stay in one of our boxes or in the dry season we can propose a paddock which is part forest, part field.


Breakfast (for participants who stay at our B&B) and lunch are provided and included in the price. For dinner, you'll find a pizzeria in the village 4 kms away and many nice restaurants less than 25 km away.


Please refer to our price list


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