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Make the first step to learn how to create a strong mental and emotional connection with your horse, that will give you more control than any bit could. During this course you will get all the knowledge to get started safely and methodically. 

Progress together with your horse towards more Harmony. This Module is all about teaching your horse to be in synch with your body and energy. You will learn different games and strategies to improve your horses Impulsion and get easier direction. We will also cover how to deal with hot or lazy horses, get more relaxation or motivation. This will lead you to a whole new level of Harmony with your horse.

You will like this course if your main interest with your horse is to go on trail rides, multiple day rides or do some TREC competitions. We will take all the skills learnt in the first two Modules out on the trail and on our obstacle parc and learn how to teach a horse to become a true partner also in challenging circumstances and with difficult tasks. Mastering different obstacles like opening and closing gates, some jumping, crossing water, riding in a group in all gaits will make this Module very interesting.